TimeX│FAQ│Do you make customizes products?

TimeX│FAQ│Do you make customizes products?

TimeX│FAQ│Do you make customizes products?
  You are welcomed if any new models need to make samples.

  Of course! Our company has been committed to providing exceptional products that exceed expectations to meet your specific needs. Here are more ways for us to customize your furniture:

  Size and shape:
Customers can customize the size of the table and chair according to specific uses and space constraints.
Provide customized shapes, such as rectangular, circular, elliptical, etc., to meet different design requirements.

  Material selection:
Provide customers with different types of metal materials for selection, such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
Consider the quality, durability, and appearance of the material.

  Color and surface treatment:
Let customers choose the color of the table and chair (black, gray, navy blue, burgundy, white, green, purple) to match their home style.
Different surface treatment methods can be selected to improve the anti-corrosion performance. They can be divided into outdoor and indoor categories:
① The first layer is electrophoresis, the second layer is spraying ordinary powder; 
②the first layer is spraying zinc powder, the second layer is spraying ordinary powder; 
③special outdoor powder;
spray a layer of ordinary powder.

  Functional requirements:
The lifting base is designed to meet the height requirements of users, ensuring comfort and ease of use.

  Design style:
Provide a variety of design styles based on customer preferences and space styles, such as modern, industrial, classical, etc.
Special patterns or decorative elements can be customized to make the tables and chairs more personalized.

  Customized Logo and Brand Identity:
Allowing customers to add customized logos, brand logos, or text to their tables and chairs, making the products more personalized.
Provide different marking methods, such as engraving, printing, etc.

  By working closely with you, we can create customized furniture that exceeds your expectations and adds the perfect touch to your personal style. Let's create something truly special together!